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Early Spring Allergy Plan

Control Allergies by Controlling Your Environment
When going outside, it’s best to use a paper mask or a mask with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, to wear special glasses as well as slick clothes. When inside, it’s best to use air cleaners with a HEPA filter.

Treat Allergies Early
Spring pollen season starts much earlier than many people think. Allergies create an inflammatory response that is like a smoldering fire. The earlier you start medications, the fewer symptoms you’ll experience; so you can keep it smoldering rather than flaring.

OTC Allergy Medications
Many OTC medications are used to help control seasonal allergies, and they are useful; however they can sometimes create drowsiness or dry mouth. OTC decongestants work by reducing the blood flow to your nose; If you use them for a long time, however, renal-congestion rebound may occur (congestion returns and gets worse).

Please feel free to consult our Clinic for a blood test for antibodies and your prescriptions.

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